Founded in 2015 by the team of experts HERBO SUPERFOOD has aimed to produce the highest quality organic dietary supplements especially researched and unique for your health.

We purport to give you more tone and prevention from diseases thanks to the compounds found in their original environment, free from pollution and heavy metals. In general, people are much more complicated than we guess. People’s will to be healthy is as powerful as their will to be happy and joyful. This helped us to understand the concept of the product, how to embrace your wishes to be healthy and your gourmet preferences. Thinking so, we combined the two concepts: one of taste and the other of health. That’s precisely how our company’s philosophy grew into: “Health with Taste”

In an ideal world, the food we eat would be organically grown in soil uncontaminated by heavy metals and chemicals; the vegetables we eat would be freshly picked from our own gardens; the water we drink would be clean and clear. Herbo Superfood is made to bring you closer to this ideal world.
Herbo means herbal or that recommended by herbalists. It is a fact, folk medicine and pharmacology increasingly go hand in hand today. Interestingly, phytotherapy or herbal medicine is recommended even by certified doctors for its proximity to nature and human biology.
On the other hand, Superfood means more than food, with more micronutrients and what you will not find in the supermarkets.
Herbo Superfood brand has been therefore designed to be green and palatable mainly due to the traditional medicine recipes and exclusively useful ingredients for immune system and overall health.
It is well known that extracts are definitely more powerful compared to the plants we take in their original fresh or dried form. For their highest content of nutrients and quicker effect, more and more herbalists turn to extracts today. Indeed, healing properties of herbs in concentrated form are the best nutritional asset to ensure maximum benefit for your health. Remember, the latter is under constant influence of high-fat, high-sugar and low-nutrient foods hidden in fizzy drinks, greasy take-away, packet of crisps or sausage roll. That is why Herbo Superfood decided to produce dietary supplements based on medicinal herb extracts, organic chocolate and flax seeds to replace your thirst for sweets and biscuits and, thus, improve your well-being and health.
Being useful for people suffering from the weak immune system, overweight and daily impact of pollutants, Herbo Superfood surely must become the supplement to your staple diet.