about Us

Founded in 2015 by the team of experts HERBO SUPERFOOD has aimed to produce the highest quality organic dietary supplements especially researched and unique for your health.

We purport to give you more tone and prevention from diseases thanks to the compounds found in their original environment, free from pollution and heavy metals. In general, people are much more complicated than we guess. People’s will to be healthy is as powerful as their will to be happy and joyful. This helped us to understand the concept of the product, how to embrace your wishes to be healthy and your gourmet preferences. Thinking so, we combined the two concepts: one of taste and the other of health. That’s precisely how our company’s philosophy grew into: “Health with Taste”

HERBO contains medicinal herbs and berries grown in ecologically clean, ideal conditions for accumulation of the healing properties. Thus, the preferred region for gathering of the herbs is mountains of the Carpathians with its sunshine and rich soils, being perfect for medicinal herbs growing.
All the herbs and berries that we use for our production come from eco-friedly farmer. Special products like Siberian Ginseng come directly from Siberia.

We take care of the amount of pollutants like pesticide residues, heavy metals, which is strictly lower than the toxicity reference values. Our products are also analyzed in our quality lab and sometimes sent to third-party labs for additional testing to ensure they are free from synthetic chemicals.

The toxicity reference values are :
Pb < 3 mg/kg
Cd < 1 mg/kg
Hg < 0.1 mg/kg

Our herbal products are without synthetic pesticides, GMO, or fertilizers. Taking this one step further, we also have products verified through the Non-GMO project.


Please contat us if you have any questions.