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Bones might also need supplements

Bones and Joint support vitamins are in calcium supplements, joint health supplements, supplements for arthritis, calcium supplement for osteoporosis, bone health supplements. So all told supplement for bones and joints is essential for the formation of bone and cartilage tissue, the mechanical strength of the bone, its regeneration.

Nettle leaf is beneficial for osteoarthritis and might reduce joint pain in people with this condition. We have Nettle leaf supplements for joint pain. Our supplements to help with joint pain are likewise chocolate and flex seeds based.  The fact that Nettle leaf supplements for joint pain decrease inflammation must count for something.

Do not forget that vitamins good for bones are also vitamins for teeth. After all, there are people who retain strong teeth and a straight back to a very old age. Would you like to join their number? If so,

  • Try to make the most of the sun. Drink fish oil, eat cod liver – a source of vitamin D3. Thanks to fish oil, the Eskimos have the same strong teeth as Africans, although they have little sun and no milk.
  • Take vitamins for bones and teeth containing D3 5000 IU and K2 90 mcg.

Human musculoskeletal system and bone health

One of the most important functions of the human body is movement in space. It is performed by the musculoskeletal system, consisting of two parts: active and passive. Passive ones are bones that are connected using various types of compounds, and active ones are muscles.

The human skeleton includes more than 200 bones. The bones of the skeleton are levers set in motion by the muscles. Living healthy bone contains vitamins A, Z, C, etc. The vital activity of the bone depends on the functions of the pituitary, thyroid and parathyroid glands, adrenal glands and sex glands (gonads).

The skeleton is formed from bone and cartilage tissues, which are composed of cells and a dense intercellular substance. Bones and cartilage are closely related to each other by common structure, origin and function. Most of the bones (limb bones, skull base, vertebrae) develops from cartilage, their growth is due to proliferation (increase in the number of cells). A small amount of bones develops without the participation of cartilage (skull roof bones, lower jaw, clavicle). Some cartilages are not associated with bones and do not change throughout a person’s life (cartilage of auricles, airways). Some cartilage is functionally connected to the bone (articular cartilage, menisci).

Bones, teeth, cartilage – the main depot of calcium and phosphorus. The main compound of the mineral component of bone tissue is calcium phosphate. In addition to the main elements (phosphorus, calcium, magnesium) in the bone tissue there is a number of precious trace elements. Their number is very small, but, nevertheless, they play a large role as biological catalysts for hormones, vitamins for bones and enzymes. Currently, more than 30 trace elements supplementing bone tissue are known by experts (copper, strontium, zinc, barium, etc.). The content of trace elements in bone tissue varies also depending on age. The accumulation of some of them gradually grows, which is the reason for the increasing fragility of the bone with age. These microelements replace calcium ions in the crystal lattice, which leads to the loss of the mechanical strength of the bone. So, the excess of bone health vitamins is not for good.

Supplement for bones and joints

If you want biologically active substances to bring you health, you have to resort to the bone health vitamins such as C, B3, D3-K2, Nettle based supplements.

The strength of the spinal bones (and not only) provides calcium, but it is not absorbed if the body does not have vitamin D3. Collagen is very important for ligaments, but in order for the body to use it, you need vitamins for joints A and E. This means that before taking any medication you should accurately make a diagnosis. What helps bones (for example, spinal osteoporosis) may not help with problems with joints.

Some other facts about active substances for bone health

The main substance that provides the power of the skeleton is calcium. Supposing this mineral is not enough, the body then takes it out of the bone tissue, which leads to osteoporosis (thinning of the bones), primarily in the spine. Therefore, to secure a sufficient amount of calcium is very important. The problem is that 70 – 80% of this mineral is not absorbed, if the body does not have enough phosphorus, magnesium and vitamins – D3 and K2.

But this does not mean that you can consume calcium supplements and D3 in unlimited quantities. Their surplus is not less harmful than a disadvantage, since calcium has the property of accumulating in vessels (in the form of plaques) and soft tissues, which can lead to stroke or growth of tumors. The situation can be improved by vitamin K2, which will direct this substance into the bones and remove from the body the already deposited mineral in the vessels.

However, it should be borne in mind that in endocrine or digestive disorders, alcohol consumption and tabaco smoking calcium is worse absorbed. There is always not enough calcium in people who stick to a vegetarian diet or consume a lot of sweets, since a surplus of carbon contributes to the removal of it from the body. Thus, Calcium is “not friendly” with fatty foods, strong black coffee and carbonated drinks.

Collagen for bone health

We need this substance to bring more elasticity and softness to the bones and joints.

Collagen is the main fibrillar protein of the skin, tendons, cartilage, bones, cornea, artery walls and other tissues. Its fibrils are an important component of the intercellular substance that cements cells (hyaluronic acid and other mucopolysaccharides are also important binders). It is distinguished from most other proteins by a high content of proline and hydroxyproline residues, which constitute 25% of all amino acid residues, as well as glycine, whose residues constitute 34%. In the process of its synthesis, procollagen protein is first formed. It does not contain hydroxyproline and collagen is formed after it hydroxylates about half of the proline residues. Vitamin C is required for the hydroxylation reaction.

Vitamin C for bone health

Vitamin C is able to protect against osteoporosis, including preventing or slowing the development of “senile” diseases. Thus, bone mineral density is higher for those who take vitamin C (Stinging Nettle), Calcium based supplement for bones and joints. Stinging Nettle extract has 4 times as much of vitamin C as lemons or cherries. That is why the Stinging Nettle based supplement for bones and joints is one of the best.

Vitamin D or D3 for bone health

Vitamin D is not only responsible for the health of bones and teeth: it also increases the body’s resistance to skin diseases.

The normal functioning of the thyroid gland, blood clotting, the state of the membranes that protect nerve cells, also depend on whether our body normally receives vitamin D. Otherwise, the immune system weakens, the work of the heart is disturbed, blood pressure becomes unstable.

Vitamin K2 for bone health

K2 is better absorbed by the body than K1. It is associated with the improvement of the cardio vascular system, directs calcium to the bones and prevents the deposition of calcium where it is not needed, for example, inside arteries or organs that can damage it.

Manganese for bone health

Manganese is involved in the formation of bones and blood formation, ensures the normal functioning of the nervous system, helps to fight allergic reactions and blood sugar. In this case, phosphorus and calcium supplements should be taken in small, that is, moderate doses. This element is also ideal to improve memory, fat utilization and for arthritis, bone and joint health.

Sulfur for bone health

Organic sulfur is the basis of connective tissue, incl. valvular apparatus of the heart, basal membranes of the venous and arterial vessels, articular surfaces, tendons, fascias, ligament complex of the knee, hip joints, spine and other most vulnerable human organs, the most needing of which are bones and joints.

It is effective in various skin diseases, seems to improve the condition of the teeth, and also helps to increase the flexibility of the joints and improve brain activity. It has anti-stress effect, helping to cope with fatigue and reduced performance.

Stinging Nettle for bone health

This medicinal herb is an old way of healing the body. It is used as joint supplement for men and women, as well as decoctions and ointments. All these forms have a healing, anti-stress and hemostatic effect, but most importantly, are used to care for joints.

So, it was a summary overview of the joint support vitamins, calcium supplements and vitamins for bones and teeth.

The bone health vitamins prepared by Herbo Superfood are Nettle extract, D3+K2 and B3 as well as many others in the listing on the web.

Gymnastics for joints

So that the joints never hurt, you need regular gymnastics. Regular, here, is the key word. Why cats have no diseases of the musculoskeletal system? Because they move, using the whole body, evenly distributing the load across all its segments. A person is usually trapped in a very narrow range of motion: we use some parts of the body more often, while others remain motionless for a very long time. So, there are zones of tension, and we begin to get sick. Accordingly, we can reach health by returning balance to the body, becoming relaxed and strong.

What will surely assist?

  • Yoga exercises
  • Jogging
  • Dancing
  • Swimming

Start gymnastics from the top down. First, the rotation of the head, then warm up the shoulders, circular rotation of the body for the lumbar sector, pelvis, and finally knees. Feet can knead in jumping or walking on the spot.

When you go for a run in the forest, try to put your feet correctly while running – from heel to toe, not otherwise.

And finally, while swimming, watch the sensations throughout the body. Think of your muscles and joints, be aware of their work.

Add to the above

Wearing bandages, orthopedic insoles, etc. – depending on the location of arthritis – to change and reduce the load on the sore joints.

Exercise therapy, massage – as an insurance against possible stagnation, as well as to restore full-fledged work of the joints and preserve the surrounding muscles and ligaments.

Physiotherapy procedures (laser, magnetic therapy, UHF, electropulse therapy) – as an additional help in relieving acute pain, reducing edema, improving blood microcirculation, restoring joint function.

Think of a dream. That dream is able to restore your spine to 100%. In general, the whole body is restored when you sleep. Little by little.

Today, many orthopedic companies offer special mattresses and pillows, in which the filler is perforated latex or such material as memery forms. In their configuration, a roller under the neck is provided for the head. In this case, your spine will recover faster.

By the way, whatever the “literacy” would say, you should not sleep on the board (or even the door removed from the hinges) – you can wake up bruised the next morning. It is more convenient after all, when the surface is soft enough and at the same time gives the necessary support. No wonder they invented the mattress…

Besides supplement for bones and joints designed by Herbo Superfood, use other ways, including good sleeping position.

The position of the embryo

Try to sleep in the position of the embryo: roll over on the side, pull the knees to the chest and gently tilt the torso to the knees. Do not forget to change the side periodically.

In this position, the clamps in the spine are removed and the muscles relax. And the “embryo” will help reduce pain when a hernia of intervertebral discs.

And one more tip: pay attention to the pillow on which you sleep, because the wrong one can cause headaches and frequent dizziness. The correct one should not be hard or too soft. Ideally, lying on a pillow, the cervical and thoracic spine should line up in a straight line, thus providing joint health and bone health.

Nonetheless, the most harmful to the spine is to sit. When sitting, the spine is heavier than when we are standing!

However, the increased load is still half the battle. Many hours we have to sit in the most harmful pose – leaning forward.

Why is the seating position loading the spine more than a standing position?

The explanation is that the vertical body supports both the skeleton as a whole and a large array of muscles. As a result, the load is “distributed” throughout the body, and the spine is “lighter”. When a person sits down, the supporting muscular corset relaxes and the whole weight of the body rests on the spinal column. From here and the microtraumas arising at long sitting.

How to stand straight

  • when a person is standing for a long time, the spine, bones and joints are under considerable stress, especially its lumbar region.
  • change your position every 10-15 minutes, while relying on one or the other leg, this will reduce the load on the spine.
  • if there is an opportunity to walk on the spot, move.
  • from time to time bend back, stretching your arms up, take a deep breath. This can somewhat relieve fatigue from the muscles of the shoulder girdle, neck, back.

How to lift weights

  • One of the main causes of exacerbation of osteochondrosis and the formation of hernias of the intervertebral disk, especially in the lumbosacral region, is the lifting and transfer of weights. Sharp, unexpected pain in the lower back occurs in cases when lifting weights abruptly, jerking, and then transfer a heavy object to the side, turning the torso at the same time. Care for your joints and bones.
  • Do not carry a heavy burden in one hand, especially for a long distance, so as not to overload the spine, divide the weight and carry it in both hands. It is unacceptable to hold heaviness, bend sharply and unbend (lean back).

In order to make calcium supplements, joint supplements, supplements for arthritis

digest correctly, you should properly drink water.

In the morning immediately after waking up, on an empty stomach. Water should be warm, body temperature, you should drink it sip by sip, slowly, so that as much saliva as possible can get into the stomach.

People under the age of 18 and after 60 years should drink only 1.5 – 2 glasses of water in the morning on an empty stomach, and everyone else should drink at least 3 glasses. This is the only water you need to drink for the day without feeling thirst. Throats should be very small, the smallest possible.

And now a little about nutrition. Nothing hurts your health more than excessive food consumed under the influence of stress. Or, on the contrary, the desire to lose weight at any cost leads to an insufficient number of vitamins for bones and teeth, joints.

Food with vitamins for bones and teeth, joints

Food, containing vitamins for bones and teeth, joints, is low-fat red meat, tongue, eggs. These products are rich in iron, helping to remove excess phosphorus. Green vegetables, apricots, raisins, dates, prunes, bran, buckwheat honey are rich in magnesium, an element responsible for the health of the nerves that serve the joints. Ice cream. It is allowed to use only cream and dairy ice cream. Contains healthy fats and calcium. Fish and seafood contain organic (useful) phosphorus, which is necessary for the joints. Milk, cottage cheese and cheese are rich in organic calcium, which, unlike inorganic, does not have the habit of depositing itself in the form of stones, but is used to strengthen bones and maintain electrolytic balance in the cells of the body.  This is even equal to calcium supplement for osteoporosis or joint support vitamins in the supplement.

(It is not necessary to combine with products containing oxalic acid: sorrel, rhubarb, spinach). Laminaria, cartilage, and all that makes jellied and brawn. These products are rich in mucopolysaccharides, which ensure the normal functioning of the joint, since they are similar to synovial fluid. Gelatin. Like previous products, it has a gelling effect. But in addition to salty dishes, it can also be added to all sorts of juices, getting a great jelly. Fish liver, butter, egg yolk. Contain vitamin D, responsible for the preservation of calcium in the bones. Herring, olive oil. Source of vitamin F, which has an anti-inflammatory effect on the joints. Citrus, wild rose, currant. A reliable source of vitamin C, which is responsible for the nutrition of the joints. These are just a small amount of food containing vitamins for bones and teeth, joints.

By the way, joint support supplements made by our company are based on a perfect organic chocolate. Chocolate, I mean, cocoa has much magnesium. It helps support healthy bones and promotes muscle relaxation. Cocoa can manage your mood and activate brain.

Antioxidants, called flavanols, underlie many studies that link cocoa to protection against all sorts of diseases, including ones of the bones, ligaments, cartilage in the joints.

What to eat for quick bonding of bones at fracture

After breaking a bone, you need to revise your diet. Bones need nutrients for quick bonding, the main of which is calcium.

In order for calcium to enter the body you need to eat small fish with bones and low-fat cottage cheese, calcium supplements.

An interesting fact about bones.

Recently it became known that scientists have found the 207th bone in the body of an adult. This bone was considered lost. So far, no one knows why the “lost” bone returns to the human body. It is only known that sesamoid bones grow in response to mechanical stress. Today, the average person eats better; he is taller and heavier than his ancestors. This led to the evolutionary development of longer shins and large calf muscles.

The abundance of bone health vitamins and joint supplements on the market of dietary supplements, as well as the education of man as a whole, which leads to his careful attitude to his health, helps us to evolve into healthy and resilient mammals.

Some interesting facts about the human skeleton.

  1. Male and female skeleton: what is the difference? In fact, there is no significant difference. Some bones are only slightly different in length and size. For example, the female chest is already male, and the pelvis is wider. In men, supraorbital arches are more pronounced, while in women, as a rule, the bones of the limbs are shorter and thinner. That is why we can consume bones and joints supplements for men and women.
  2. The most common disease affecting the skeleton is osteoporosis. This disease is characterized by bone fragility. According to the WHO, in Europe, mortality from fractures associated with it, exceeds the number of deaths from a number of other serious maladies.
  3. Legendary American stuntman Ivel Knivel set a record that hardly anyone wants to beat. By 1975, Knivel suffered a total of 433 fractures. Fortunately, by the 80s, the stunt performer had successfully completed his career and lived a rather long life.

You should be careful when taking supplements and in consultation with your therapist. Our supplements are the best quality, natural and delicious.