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Energy&focus supplements

energyEverybody would agree that working hours account for 80% of the overall daily activity. If you are a resident of the megalopolis, if you work long hours, or you like sports and physical exertion, you are clearly the person who in one way or another has been looking for vitamins for energy. They help you achieve your most daring ambitions. To put it in a nutshell, among the best vitamins for energy, a large number of people prefer

– natural, preferably organic;

– safe and preferably sustainable;

– moderately acting, so as not to deliver unnecessary stress to the body;

– those which do not destroy the nervous system;

– food giving focus and concentration of healthy thinking alongside energy.

So, natural energy boosters. It is no secret that almost every inhabitant of our planet takes care of their health, especially nutrition. There is no such person who would not like to eat quality and tasty at the same time. After all, nutrition is an aesthetic component as well. Herbo Superfood has thus developed a series of natural energy boosters, namely, organic energy caffeine (dark chocolate based), Green tea bean extract 800 mg (dark chocolate), Green tea bean extract 500 mg (dark chocolate), Maca root extract 300 mg (milk chocolate). In addition, Herbo Superfood exclusively produces for its consumers some inorganic dietary supplements based on organic chocolate, both dark and milk. Such energy boosting supplements include Coenzyme Q10 500 mg (milk chocolate), Best for Drivers energy, vision, brain (dark chocolate), Vitamin B12 5000 mg (dark and milk chocolate), Vitamin B2 400 mg (dark chocolate).

Further, why do they (vitamins) have to be safe and sustainable? Because vitamins that give energy should work neatly and carefully with such an important and delicate structure of the human body as the nervous system is. After all, what is the main purpose of energy boosting supplements? To excite your nervous system, right? To make you alert and quick? But what can there be so special if you become an agitated and active person only by exciting your nerves? And the fact that this organ is not just one continuous sensitivity, but a neural processor that wears out and is thin in nature, which needs rest and sleep. Therefore, we made sure our energy boosting supplements were designed to act especially gentle on the organs of the human nervous system and were designed to do no harm.

Finally, along with energy, you are usually looking for vitamins for focus and concentration of thinking. Why is that? Mostly, because one without the other is impossible. For example, which type of activity of the following requires a lot of energy, but it does not require focusing?

  • Travels
  • Business trips
  • Sports activities
  • Study, especially exams
  • Business meetings and negotiations
  • Work on the completion of the project
  • Night shifts
  • Long stay driver on the road

The correct answer is no. For energy and focus – two goals that you need to hit simultaneously. This is how vitamins should work – for energy and focus. The group of products that we offer in this category is based precisely on this concept: natural vitamins for energy and focus.

Now then, I want you to look at another energy boosting supplement. Experts agree that B2 supplements are excellent vitamins both for energy and mood. Mood vitamins calm nerves and helps metabolism, relieves depression and headaches. Mind you, it is safe and commonly used by consumers of the energy and focus supplements…so no wonder it has been a bestseller as of today.

Anyway, that’s all well and good, but it is your precious and beloved body and mind and thus you should help it only in accordance with your physician and dietician’s advice.