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Supplements for stress

Mood is your emotional state. Do not confuse it with an emotional response. For the latter is only a response to external factors. We will be interested in mood here as a state that lasts a long period of time, that is, internal one. Why? Because the reaction to external factors is determined by your internal psychological state at the moment.

What is the inner mood?

Internal biopsychosocial factors. Biological factors of mood are, of course, the somatic role of health, the tone of the nervous system, some biochemical balance and imbalance. Also, biological factors include mood swings associated with seasonality or daily time: there are people who feel down only in spring and autumn, during transition periods or, for example, only in the mornings, but not during the day or evening. If this is observed from childhood or from adolescence, then we assume that this is a consequence of internal mechanisms, internal biochemical causes. Among the other kinds of inner mood is a psychological or genetic tendency to depression. For example, the fragility of neurons and their inability to effectively share is clearly either a genetically inherited mechanism or the result of childhood experiences.

Scientists after a series of studies have discovered the genetic prerequisites for the development of the five most important mental disorders, including depression, hyperactivity and attention deficit. In addition, scientists were also able to identify the relationship that is present at the molecular level; by doing this they compared the influence of variations of the parental genes and the influence of the environment. It turned out that the risk of depression in more than 30% is determined genetically, only 20% account for the environment.

That is what we call inner mood. It is biological by origin and thus should be helped organically. Herbo’s mood enhancing supplements have been developed to support your health in a way that it can endure and prosper. St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum), Turmeric and Forskolin are efficient and safe to use. These supplements for depression and stress are all natural and thoroughly designed in accordance to the medicinal properties of each herb.

What is depression and how is it related to stress

In today’s world, all are prone to stress and depression. Let’s look at both of these below.

Depression is a mood when a person feels despair, inadequacy. This mood is characterized by a decline in activity and efficiency, sadness and pessimism.

Now about stress. Manifestations of depression and effects of stress have similarities – fatigue and loss of vital energy, which do not allow us to live a full life.

Since stress leads to nervous breakdowns and loss of sleep, it is not surprising that it can end in depression.

At the same time, if you already suffer from depression, even a little stress, almost imperceptible for a healthy person, causes a strong and long-lasting apathy reaction for a depressed person.

So that stress does not affect your health and does not lead to subsequent depression or verse versa, you need to think beforehand about it and protect yourself from many unnecessary problems with help of Herbo’s mood enhancing supplements. St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum), Turmeric and Forskolin herbs sincerely eager to help you. Their magical properties must eliminate disturbing symptoms, improve blood circulation and increase interest in life.

Types of Nervous System and Depression

All types of the nervous system and all psychotypes of a person without exception can be subject to depression and nervousness. Change your psycho is absolutely impossible. But getting out of depression is really possible and even very easy.

If you have initial signs of depression, then it must be helped immediately. First of all, because it causes irreparable damage to health. Remember, after depression, you will never be the same. During depression and after depression, you change, and change, alas, for the worse – you stop believing in the best, in the future. Your mind will never return to its former state.

Therefore, at the first symptoms of depression one needs

1) take mood enhancing supplements;

2) learn how to stop yourself from choosing this path.

The last is the most important. It is you who choose to enter into a state of depression or stay serenely successful and healthy. And you choose this path based on the habit of adaptation. Earlier, for example in childhood, you used this method, and it helped you. But now no. Now there is no parent or adult who is in a hurry to console you. And it makes no sense to wait for consolation from adults as an adult – no. It is thus necessary to change the old childish reflex to a more effective one helping you to survive in a society.

It is considered more effective to refuse to keep giving up on people and life in general. One of the solutions how to stop being disappointed is to stop being enchanted. To form a new reflex can and should be! This new reflex is called living the golden mean, finding harmony and not allowing yourself to wear rose-colored glasses.

However, one should not confuse depression and the common experience of grief. The latter is the norm and cannot harm you in any way.

The sun as an important element in the fight against despondency

People who complain of fatigue and seasonal depression most often actually suffer from a lack of vitamin D. Strangely enough, it is vitamin D that affects the immune system and mood. Thus, one should find time to be in the sun and fresh air more often.

Despite the bad weather, do not refuse to walk! Physical activity helps fight the symptoms of autumn depression. Regular walks in the fresh air for at least one hour a day will help you to get in good shape quickly.

However, an excess of sun may lead to the opposite result. Statistics shows that in the heat people have more depressive disorders, a number of suicides increase. As scientists assume, this is due to the fact that the level of serotonin, the “hormone of happiness,” decreases in the summer months.

Serotonin in the fight against bad mood

What to do? To compensate for the lack of serotonin, include in your diet foods rich in tryptophan (the amino acid from which serotonin is formed) – dates, bananas, figs, dairy products, dark chocolate. As well as Herbo’s mood enhancing supplements.

How can Herbo’s mood enhancing supplements help?

In addition to psychological assistance, you must receive a biological one as well. What is biological assistance in this case? These are dietary supplements that help stabilize mood and combat stress. Typical supplements for depression and stress involve

1) citrus fruits

2) bananas

3) nuts

4) fatty fish

Then, add some vitamins for stress and anxiety relief such as

  • 5-htp 200 mg
  • Forskolin 500 mg
  • L-tryptophan 1000 mg
  • St John’s wort 500 mg
  • Turmeric 1000 mg
  • Vitamin B2 400 mg

And finally, chocolate. Chocolate – the basis of all our major supplements. Thanks to tryptophan, theobromine and glucose, it invigorates and helps you be active.

Be aware, chocolate should be real, high in cocoa, for it is from it you need flavonoids, stimulating the fireworks of the mood. Under real I mean organic. All the chocolate Herbo Superfood’s mood enhancing supplements use is genuine and organic, either milk or bitterly dark, sometimes sweet, sometimes with pleasant sourness.

Are mood enhancing supplements required?

To begin with, your immunity, skeletal system, cardiovascular system, nervous system and functions of the whole body suffer when you are at the mercy of depression. Do not you think the body needs help during this period? Supplements for better mood include body and mood support vitamins: Vitamin C, B2, 5-htp and Forskalin. The latter also helps to reduce weight.

Supplements for stress and nervousness have been carefully developed by Herbo Superfood and are all safe and nutritious.  They are full of vitamins for stress and anxiety relief , suitable for both depression prevention and mood support.

And let’s not forget that people suffering from depression are often creative people who receive secondary benefits from it. Which ones? Depression is a great source for poets and musicians. It is sadness, sorrow and suffering that are the basis of brilliant works.