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Over the counter quick sleep aid will be described by HERBO SUPERFOODS’ experts below to help you know enough about natural sleep and affordable vitamins for insomnia, regarding techniques of how to sleep like a log.

Hours of sleep, causes of insomnia and tension, vitamins for sleep supplements and plenty of other tips here.


If you sleep somehow less than 7 hours a day, you must increase the risk of undesirable development of chronic diseases, including:

  • diabetes of different types
  • cardiovascular disease, unexpected stroke or intractable high blood pressure
  • unaesthetic obesity and weight gain
  • disruption of the immune system
  • deterioration of mental health, lifeless tone etc

Also, insufficient sleep more than insomnia may affect your ability to make decisions, increase the risk of road accidents, and often lead to errors.


Among the most praised natural sleep supplements that dieticians select are some containing 5-htp, valerian root, motherwort, melissa, passionflower, hawthorn, L-theamine, melatonin plus chamomile affecting both the insomnia and stress. Our consumers can get any of the above. First of all, the two supplements for sleep problems are the excellent Healthy sleep tablet and Melatonin with the following vitamins for sleep:  L-theamine, Melatonin, 5-htp, Valerian root, Melissa. Another three supplements are for relaxation and involve 5-htp, Calm and Valerian root. The latters can also be natural sleep aid.

Your behaviour during the day, and especially at bedtime, also influences the quality of sleep. Even a few minor adjustments in some cases can radically change the situation.

A few useful, however not easy, habits will let you not only improve your vital sleep, but also live long without insomnia:

Get rid of neuroses and the past.

You should improve the quality of your psychological state with the help of joyful communication and pleasant environment during the daytime

Recover from addictions of any kind.

Nicotine addiction does not contribute to deep serene sleep.

Stick to the sleep mode

Respect the body’s biological clock, which strikes “Go to bed” at 10 pm.

Create a soothing atmosphere

A quiet, dark, soothing atmosphere and comfortable cool temperatures in the bedroom will almost surely make you sleep. Do not turn on bright light in the evening, especially right before going to bed to avoid insomnia

Remove gadgets and widgets

Remove electronic devices, including TVs, computers, smartphones from the bedroom, or at least turn them off for 30 minutes before bedtime.

Stick to a diet

Avoid caffeine, alcohol for 4-6 hours before bedtime and large amounts of food right before bedtime. Stick to a healthy diet throughout the day.

Do not drink before bedtime

To quench your thirst before going to bed can and should, but excessive drinking can provoke sleep problems.

May I give you a hint how to survive stress if you need to quickly come to yourself, and attempts to calm down do not work.

First of all, remember that we strongly need anxiety and natural stress in order to protect ourselves from danger. After all, the brain assesses the environment for making the right decision – to fight or run. At the same time, when we are fighting with colleagues, preparing for the exam or going on the first date, we are nervous and thus waste our strength. In such conditions, body reactions only interfere, we are nervous and cannot concentrate on work, remember information, or engage in creativity.

To have a healthy charge of energy during the day you need to turn off the tension and relax. But how to do it if you worry all the time? The brain is overexcited, and neither self-suggestion that everything is ok nor your attempt to pull yourself together work.

Before we consider ways of relaxation, let’s understand that we should not confuse relaxation and rest. For no one bothers to sit and do nothing, but at the same time worry and suffer. So just a break in work certainly will not help to relax and calm the nervous system.

Although none of the following is the health food shop star, they are still first-rate in supporting the nervous system. Valerian root 200 mg, Motherwort 100 mg, Melissa 100 mg, Passionflower, Hawthorn in the Calm supplement are powerful together in fighting stress and providing natural sleep and relaxation.

Insomnia and Melissa herb supplement.

More than 88 types of insomnia are known. Even if you sleep all night, it does not mean that you sleep well, because insomnia can be in the form of a shallow, superficial sleep. In this case Melissa herb may become an inseparable companion of your nutrition. It would be hard to imagine good sleep without this herb. However, its other medicinal qualities are just as impressive. Apart from insomnia, it perfectly treats infections and inflammations.

Bearing this in mind, it is vital that you build the mentioned vitamins for sleep supplements into your daily menu.