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Blueberries, grapes, carrots, spinach, egg yolks and corn are among the most known eye health vitamins thoroughly included in the herbalist encyclopedia and numerous traditional medicine books. Along with A, E, С, B1, B2, B6, B12 vitamins for your eyes, there are much more other bioactive compounds in the form of vision supplements, in particular those containing zinc, lutein, astaxanthin and anthocyanin.

Eye health supplements involves gradual, cumulative, effective improvement of your vision. 

But what is good eyesight? Let’s look at eagles. Eagles are known to have very keen eyesight, because eyesight is the basis of their survival. The evolution of the visual apparatus of these birds made them the owners of the most keen eyes among all living creatures in the world.

Thanks to binocularity and unique accommodation, the eagle can focus on the object of interest almost lightning-fast and get a single image as a result of combining information obtained from each eye. That is, each eye of the eagle is able to focus directly on 2 objects (of a person on one).

The human eye is also binocular and has accommodation, but not sufficiently developed, because it simply does not need visual supernormal abilities, due to the presence of more sensory possibilities than the eagle, the main one being touch.

It is not difficult to guess that a man and an eagle are united by the need to survive and soak with the help of sight. Nevertheless, the human vision has one advantage over the eagle – we admire the beauty of the world with our eyes and rejoice. What cannot be said about the birds. Birds look at the world only in order to satisfy their instincts.

The human eye has almost no limits on the range of perception. For instance, the vision of a healthy person can distinguish about five million colours and see the light from a candle at night at a distance of several kilometers. Moreover, thanks to such a unique organ as the lens, a person with normal vision can easily see both the stars in the night sky and the small print in the book.

Eye health vitamins, are, thus, made to maintain your vision at a level sufficient for a full life in society and nature.

Eye health vitamins are especially necessary for the elderly. For example, lack of vitamin B can lead to vision impairment. You can take vitamins as food additives. In any case, eat fully.

Vitamins for your eyes are priceless when you work at the computer very long hours. The first and most important factor influencing you is the strain on vision. It is because of the load on the vision through the child and the computer for a short time the child (or another user) has a headache and dizziness. If you work on a computer long enough, visual fatigue can lead to a steady decrease in visual acuity. However, we note immediately, the computer isn’t the main cause of the development of myopia in a child. A huge role in this is played by heredity, television, reading in the dark. With proper case management, the load on the vision from the computer can be significantly reduced.