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High quality vitamins from Superfoods

vitaminsToday more than ever, if someone wants to enjoy vibrant health, he needs to eat from a menu rich in natural goodness and freshness. We need a diet of Superfoods, foods with the highest protective value, which will help build our natural resistance, and provide the full spectrum of daily vitamins our bodies might need.

 What about a sure boost with minerals plus vitamins?

Often, when your friend complains of fatigue, you might want to give him the advice on taking vitamins. Why? In reality, our body is just a good machine, which means it needs fuel in the form of fats, proteins, carbohydrates as well as resources such as vital minerals and vitamins. The latters are the most valuable helpers for the body, and by no means medicines for the disease. The lack of high-quality organic vitamins may cause o lot of unpleasant consequences.

Our natural supplements, namely Vitamin B12, B2, B3, B6, C, D3, E, K2, Cholecalciferol, are a wonderful source of vitamins and minerals. Designed as “the most live, pure, nutritious food imaginable” in the form of the delicious chocolate tablets our health supplements can provide you extra lift. You can be sure that they are healthy vitamins, produced without fertilizers or pesticides.

By the way, the name of these substances consists of two Latin words – vit and amines. That is, amines for life. Word “Vitamines” is a reminder of their chemical structure. Although, they are not all amines, but the name stuck and denotes a group of substances, without which our beloved organism cannot function normally.

With a lack of the best natural vitamins we start to hurt, and look bad, we become lethargic and irritable.  For example, lack of banal ascorbic acid can lead to death. Scurvy. Do you know the name of this disease? So here it is, just, and appears when not enough ascorbic acid. At the same time, lack of vitamin B1 is bad for the brain vessels, for the processes that occur in our brain. Hence the headaches and memory impairment.

Next example, you obtain the perfect help both from Vitamin B12 which is involved in good condition and cartilage repair and Vitamin A which is liable for the condition of our skin, eyes and mucous membranes. And finally, Vitamin E is the king of the reproductive function of a person, in both males and females.

This is only part of the main vitamins. The most famous. Together with vitamins, check that you take effective health supplements which comprise minerals that play a great role in the catabolism and anabolism.

 And now the minerals

Amongst the most basic minerals researchers highlight Magnesium, Sodium, Chlorine, Copper, Potassium as well as Sulfur, Phosphorus, Calcium etc. For teeth shining with beauty and bones hard as nails, normal heartbeat, thyroid, nervous system, normalization of water balance, blood volume and blood pressure, and more.

Interestingly, many experts have lately reported severe zinc and other minerals deficiencies in a wide range of soils in Europe and the USA.  Fruit and vegetables grown on depleted soils are often low in minerals, especially zinc, magnesium and selenium.

Moreover, we can’t do without skeletal calcium and energy giving iron which are also less and less common in ordinary food. Their deficiency is likely lead to osteoporosis.

At the same time, the lack of magnesium negatively affects the synthesis of miracle collagen, which is responsible for the density and strength of the connective tissue and skin elasticity, concentration and even vision.

Even a qualified nutritionist would need a computer to work out how many of your daily vitamin and mineral needs will be met by a particular diet or food. Without burdening you with an incomprehensible array of numbers, here are some simple guidelines to ensure that you obtain all of your vitamin and mineral requirements from the food you eat.

  • the fresher the fruit and vegetables you eat, the better they are for you;
  • discover nuts and seeds – they are not just for your budgie;
  • eat super-nutrients from superfoods – they have essential vitamins for life to keep us healthy;
  • have breakfast, lunch or dinner in complete silence and concentrate on the process;
  • сonsume fats based on the ratio of 30 percent saturated fat and 70 percent unsaturated fat;
  • eat slowly and chew thoroughly; this allows you to stimulate digestion, as well as increase the speed at which the body burns calories;
  • avoid fast-foods and any sweets;
  • have mostly plant foods, then the body’s microbiota will become healthier;

So, here is the smallest possible advice and list of vitamins and minerals you have probably known since your early age. Both vitamins and minerals can be obtained from vitamin-mineral complexes that are sold in pharmacies. The only thing that needs to be done with the purchase is to consult at least with a pharmacist. He will tell you what is best to take in your case. He will select health supplements for the elderly, for physically active people, for teenagers, for expectant mothers, for those who take exams, for those who experience fatigue or spring depression. Now there are health supplements, it seems, for everyone. If you suspect that your tiredness is a consequence of the disease, it is best to consult a doctor. Because, whatever one may say, and vitamins and minerals are helpers for the body, not medications for the disease.