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5-HTP 200 mg in Organic Milk Chocolate


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✔ Reduces anxiety
✔ Balances level of serotonin
✔ Improves the quality of sleep

In the traditional medicine hydroxytryptophan is said to be a natural antidepressant, appetite suppressant and remedy for insomnia. Being an active metabolite, this precious amino acid, also called simply tryptophan or abbreviated 5-htp, is widely represented in food products and dietary supplements. In the latter it is the most efficient. Here we advise it to those who suffer from serotonin deficiency or insufficient sleep and relaxation.

Based on the exceptional quality milk chocolate our serotonin supplement is targeted to relieve excessive stress of its consumer primarily because of the aforementioned beneficial amino acid called 5-hydroxytryptophan, responsible for producing the hormone of happiness inside brain cells.

Besides, Omega-3 as flax seeds is also added to the chocolate to enhance the effect of the 5-htp supplement, namely mood improvement, elimination of depression and insomnia. By the way, Omega-3 amount here is 230 mg, which is a daily dose for an adult.


Out of stock

Useful 5-htp amino acid

You might have already heard that 5-htp is a unique amino acid which is a direct precursor of serotonin. For this reason, we consider it as a neuromediator responsible for the behaviour and mood of any human. It is a well-known fact that at normal serotonin level, the patient is calm and balanced. In addition, he manages his appetite on a psychological level, which contributes to the maintenance of his excellent physical condition, eliminating emotional gagging.

Let’s look at the benefits coming from supplements containing 5-htp.

First of all, it is a balancing of the psycho-emotional sphere. Why is it needed? To enjoy life. After all, a joyful person is emotionally strong, restrained, calm, stable in the interests, efficient, focused on reality and, most importantly, annoying trifles do not touch him. The mood of such a person is always positive and carries the relief of anxiety and stress.

Secondly, 5-HTP is much more than a means to improve mood. 5-htp is also a significant aspect in weight reduction. Age, high levels of stress, emotional instability and other factors can negatively affect the content of serotonin, a low level of which adversely affects the process of losing weight.
Why exactly 5-HTP helps in such cases? Since 5-hydroxytryptophane affects the sense of moral satisfaction and sleep, it can also affect appetite and cravings for food, which means it will help you lose weight. By speeding up the metabolism, 5-HTP makes the process of losing weight go qualitatively better.

Third, since serotonin influences sleep cycles in many ways, 5-HTP can help cope with insomnia and get a deep anabolic response during the deep sleep phase.

Finally, unlike tryptophan, which is commonly used to increase levels of happiness hormone, 5-hydroxytryptophan is better absorbed and overcomes obstacles such as blood-brain barrier with unconstrained confidence (i.e., between the circulatory and nervous systems).

Be in a good mood, sleep well and happily lose weight with our 5-htp chocolate tablets.

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