Immune Vitamin in Milk Chocolate


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✔ Enhances macrophage activity
✔ Helps you stay healthy
✔ Aids your natural defenses

Our Immune milk chocolate supplement has been developed to take care of our customers of the various social groups from the children to the elderly. Based on the exceptional quality chocolate, the present Immune supplement is targeted to improve innate and acquired immunity. Besides, Omega-3 as flax seeds is also added to the organic chocolate to enhance the cumulative antiviral effect of this fantastic Immune supplement, namely to improve the resistance to the colds, infections and to slowly treat chronical diseases. The curative vegetal extract is a core element in the Immune and make the overall effect much more powerful.


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Our organic chocolates full of medicinal herbs boost up your immunity, give you long-term protection from harmful emissions, and exhaust fumes. We are here to offer you exclusively vitamin-rich Immune chocolate supplement. The best herbal extracts are perfectly added in the recipe as a real botanical remedy.

When developing the basis for the herbal extracts, our experts did the best to create the supplements for Immunity as a unique combination of organic milk chocolate, flax seeds and herbs. Together, delicious chocolate, omega 3 flax seeds and herbal extracts with curative effects generate normal function of the immune processes in your body thanks to vitamins and nourishment. When you are looking for natural Immune supplements you can be sure that our immune boosting chocolates are of superior quality & high standards which are trusted worldwide.

So, feeding your body certain Immune booster supplements based on Stinging nettle, Echinacea, Rosehip fruit, Sea buckthorn, Green tea extract could help keep your immune system strong. Taking Immune vitamins should be your first step in case you are looking for ways to prevent colds and the flu.

Most people rely on vitamin C after they have caught a cold. It is because it aids to build up your immune system. Rosehip fruit is high in vitamin C, which is responsible for fighting infections and inflammation.  However, among its other nutritional assets is a positive effect on osteoarthritis and other conditions.


Stinging nettle is another medicinal plant that has a confirmed reputation for boosting the immune system due to its content of vitamins and minerals.

The therapeutic effect is full when Echinacea and Sea buckthorn extracts are added to our chocolate Immune booster.  Herbalists value Echinacea for its useful amounts of vitamins for immunity used in modern medicine. Equally, they find Sea buckthorn useful in the traditional medicine thanks to vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, E and the nutrients such as folate, biotin and omega 3 fatty acids.

Ginseng is a traditional Chinese plant and often assumed to be deadly to the inflammation. Among its benefits, the most pronounced are boosting the immune, mental and physical health.

In addition, bottom line, we have added Green tea extract to the blend to make it all different in several respects. Namely, by enhancing the Immune supplement with antioxidants to soak up the free radicals from your body caused by pollution and other negative factors our immunity suffers from.

Vitamin B2

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