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Vitamin B3 500 mg Niacin in Dark Chocolate

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✔ Supports heart health
✔ Helps skin to stay healthy
✔ Maintains nervous system

The niacin is an organic compound derived from food and has been produced by modern pharmacology in the form of drugs and supplements particularly for skin, acne skin, hair, high blood pressure, depression, stress relief, anxiety, neuropsychiatric disorders and lower cholesterol.
Among other things, the best niacin supplement has been designed to cure headache, debility, insomnia, nausea and digestive disorders, diabetes and high cholesterol.
Besides, we add Omega-3, flax seeds, to the chocolate to augment the effect of the vitamin B3 supplement, namely on the skin and hair, digestive disorders, circulation and cholesterol rate. By the way, 230 mg Omega-3 is a daily dose for an adult.
The niacinamide 500 supplement is not just vitamins for stress relief but also “niacin for depression” of full value.


Out of stock

To begin with, Vitamin B3 is now the only vitamin that folk medicine treats as a medication for its unique properties, calling it a “tablet for calm”. The most common its representatives are nicotinamide, organic nicotinic acid or organic niacin.

Nicotinic acid is necessary for:
• metabolism
• digestive system
• circulatory system
• nervous system
• hormonal system
• cardio-vascular system
• improve joint mobility
• hypovitaminosis
Niacinamide interacts well with B2, B6, Fe.

We offer you chocolate tablets containing vitamin B3, an element which is extremely essential for the normal functioning of the human body.

What should you know when taking nicotinic acid?

First of all, niacin tablets should always be taken after a meal and washed down with plenty of water, but not hot drinks.

Niacinamide is often used in cosmetology for the rejuvenation and renewal of the skin of the face and body, the beauty of hair and nails. In fact, this is a fully justified method only if the treatment is carried out under the supervision of an experienced doctor. The use of vitamin B3 externally can be trusted and the usual beautician.

Vitamin B3 participates in a large number of reactions associated with the transformation of sugar and fat into energy.

Vitamin B3 helps in the fight against obesity. If this problem is familiar to you, ask your doctor to choose the correct dosage and form of our niacin 500 mg supplement.

Niacin helps the body to cope with great physical exertion, so if your doctor does not find you contraindications and selects a vitamin B3 supplement, it is advisable to use it before intensive cardio and strength training.

If you decide to stop smoking, ask your doctor to choose a niacin supplement. It will reduce the need for nicotine and help the body cope with stress while getting rid of a bad habit.

And finally, I repeat, it is crucial to take vitamin B3, in other words, nicotinamide, for skin and hair, high blood pressure, stress relief, any forms of depression, psychological manifestations of anxiety, neuropsychiatric disorders and many many others.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Linda James

    love love love!! My friend found this product and now I use it as a prophylactic of nervous breakdown and to support heart function.

    Linda James

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Joseph Metzger

    Now we have 3 people in our family, and to maintain nervous system I take this

    Joseph Metzger

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Val Shepard

    Keep doing what you are doing. I remain your customer.

    Val Shepard