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Vitamin B6 100 mg Pyridoxine in Organic Dark Chocolate


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✔ Supports general well-being
✔ Supports cardiovascular health
✔ Supports the nervous system

Vitamin B6 and chocolate is a unique delicacy that can conquer not only the child, but also an adult. Vitamin B6 100 mg based on chocolate supplement is to rejuvenate, strengthen your nerves and help discover new beauty secrets. Take care of your beauty with Omega-3 (flex seeds), which Herbo Superfood added to each chocolate tablet in a volume equal to the daily dose, 231 mg.


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General characteristics of vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)

In the first half of the last century, research began on vitamin B6, which has been continued by many scientists to the present. In 1934, researcher Paul Gyordy first discovered this vitamin. He first gave in 1939 to the open substance the now commonly accepted names – vitamin B6, pyridoxine. In 1938, an American researcher was the first to isolate pure crystalline water-soluble pyridoxine hydrochloride, in other words vitamin B6.
Vitamin B6 is actually a group of vitamins: pyridoxine, pyridoxinal and pyridoxamine, which are closely related to each other and act together (catalyst). B6 is required for the formation of antibodies and red blood cells.

 Physical and chemical properties of vitamin B6

By their chemical nature, the substances of the vitamin B6 group are pyridine derivatives. It is a white crystalline substance, well soluble in water and alcohol.
Enemies: long-term storage, water, food processing, alcohol, estrogen.

Food sources of vitamin B6

The best natural sources of pyridoxine are brewer’s yeast, wheat bran, wheat ovary, liver, kidney, heart, cantaloupe, cabbage, black molasses, milk, eggs, beef, cauliflower, garlic, asparagus, broccoli, cod, tuna, Brussels sprouts.

Additional sources of vitamin B6

Nutritional supplements can fully compensate for the deficiency of vitamin B6, with the help of medicinal extracts of herbs, berries and fruits. The best methods of cooking the past have long been used by experts in this field around the world thanks to the highest technology.

 What dietary supplements B6 are most effective?

Perhaps the most effective source of vitamin B6 can be considered vitamin B6 itself, based on the most natural and beneficial ingredients such as chocolate and flax seeds.
In our case, this is Vitamin B6 of pure preparation, placed in a chocolate tablet of figured form with the addition of flax seeds to saturate the taste and as an additional source of Omega-3. It should be noted that Omega-3 in the dietary supplement Vitamin B6 corresponds to the daily consumption rate,
With these parameters, Vitamin B6 100 mg is most effective and absorbed without any difficulty, bringing the desired benefits to your body.

The benefits of this are as follows:

  • helps to eliminate anemia
  • alleviates seizures in infants
  • pyridoxine deficiency and all associated risks
  • vision loss due to macular degeneration

Pyridoxine deficiency is accompanied by the following phenomena:

  • Increased irritability, depression and psychosis.
  • Development of anemia, even in the presence of iron in the body (hypochromic anemia).
  • Inflammation of the mucous membranes of the oral cavity.
  • Dermatitis.
  • Young children develop convulsive states.
  • Lack of vitamin B6 makes the blood viscous, prone to clots that can cause blockage of blood vessels.
  • Conjunctivitis.
  • Nausea, vomiting.
  • Polyneuritis.

Generally, pyridoxine deficiency leads to the inability of the body to produce antibodies against pathogens.

Dosage and Overdose of Vitamin B6

The daily human need for vitamin B6 varies from 1.2 to 2 mg. People need an increased dose of pyridoxine while taking antidepressants, contraceptives, during stressful and excessive physical exertion, while smoking and drinking alcohol.
Vitamin B6 does not accumulate and is rapidly excreted from the body. Overdose is usually not accompanied by any toxic effects.
And finally, dudes, let us remember that B vitamins are beautiful clean skin, radiant with a beautiful mood eyes, slim fit and longevity. Your diet should include vitamin B6 pyridoxine hydrochloride at least to combat depression and irritability.
But how exactly does vitamin b6 work for depression? Answer: thanks to the normal distribution of glucose, pyridoxine has a positive effect on the nervous system, improves your personal performance.

Vitamin B6 to guard women’s health and beauty

Vitamin B6 or pyridoxine is especially important for women’s health: it plays an great role in maintaining the balance of sex hormones, stimulates the metabolism and prevents some forms of serious diseases.
The use of the best vitamin b6 100 mg supplement relieves the condition during PMS, pregnancy and menopause and is necessary for women taking birth control pills – 3 hours after taking a contraceptive, vitamin B6 levels drop by 20%.

What happens to vitamins when you cook them?

Pyridoxine is involved in regulating the balance of sodium and potassium, so if you salt a lot of food and do not take enough of the vitamin, it can lead to swelling of the legs, face or hands.
Loss of B6 during the heat treatment of products is 20-35%, however, during freezing and storage in the frozen state – insignificant. What’s more, when receiving flour, up to 80% of the vitamin is lost. Still, you can find plenty of it in bran.

Finally, to preserve the maximum number of vitamins in your body, try

  • do not drink coffee right after food
  • do not drink alcohol
  • do not smoke
  • do sports and breathe fresh air

And remember, we are what we eat. So go Taste&Health with Herbo Superfood.

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